When should you start your Christmas shopping?

Christmas!?! I hear you scream…. surely we’re not there already?

Amazingly, we started receiving our first orders for Christmas gifts in August. This triggered some debate at Treat Towers this morning about when it’s acceptable to start your hunt for your Xmas pressies.
On one hand, it seems better to wait until the Christmas trees, the tinsel, the lights on Oxford Street and the sudden explosion of things made from cinnamon are out before committing to writing out the list of family and friends that deserve treating. You’ll more likely be in the festive spirit and you may be able to get it all done in one day of panic-fueled day tearing through the shops. But then the risk is that it all gets left to the last minute and you end up settling for something that’s less than reflective of the super-stylish gift buyer that you are. Fact – Reindeer socks will not get you brownie points.

On the other hand, from a keeping-your-sanity point of view, starting your search early is always sound advice. The best reason is actually the least obvious. Every year, there are some brands of gifts that totally sell out by mid-November, just because they make really cool gifts, and these brands do not produce any more until the new year. So to make sure you have the best choice of gifts, you really want to get going before the end of October. Saying that, there are always other gift options available, but we suspect that those who buy early generally give the best thought out gifts.

For Christmas 2013, we’ve also noticed a bit of a change from previous years. Many customers have started asking for personalised gifts for xmas, which we did not see last year. Luckily, we also started hunting for personalised gifts for you over the summer and we’ve found some awesome ideas. Again, with some of these it’s worth getting in there early as some personalised gifts will take a little longer to produce.

We’ve started adding our collection for Christmas online now – to see what’s available, see our collection here

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